Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Life of a Writer

I'm sharing a link to another site where I write. 

We were recently asked by the founder to write about writing, and between his request and my response, three people I knew died.

My mom's best friend Kathy, who was like and aunt to my sisters and me,  died after a painful three year battle with bone cancer.  My high school classmate's son Jacob died after a heart-lung transplant, he was one year old.  The weirdest thing about that was that his dad and I were in a class of 68, and HRH, which both of our boys had happens in about 1/10,000 births.  The odds were very much against two of us having boys like ours.  Jacob died the day of Kathy's funeral.  Then, on Sunday, Steve a true heart hero died very suddenly.

This post is about Steve and what his life and his writing meant.  I hope you will read it and then maybe read some of Steve's inspiring posts. 

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