Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome Aboard!

Hello friends and strangers who will soon be friends.  Welcome heart moms, heart dads, cardiac kids, heart warriors, and all our friends and supporters!  Thanks to you who understand that the battle with Congenital Heart Disease is long and fraught with loss and fear.

I'm so proud to have written Informed Consent, A Memoir of Hope! I am so excited to share the journey from final edits to first queries. 

I hearby promise to recreate all my rejection letters, as I've done my homework and expect many, many rejections.  You can all take heart with me on this journey as so many of you have with Liam's journey from cradle to operating room and back again.  When I look at it like that, literary rejection seems not so big.  In the heart world, the word rejection means something far more terrifying than "Your book's not for me."

Besides, it will be nice to have people to tell me to keep trying (that's your job, fyi, to tell me not to give up, and I promise not to give up!)  I'll update you on the status of Informed Consent as the months proceed.  Thank you for being on standby, for your positive thoughts, and good energy.  Someday. Someday people will read this book and know a little more about what it's like to wear the shoes of a heart mom, and bear the fear of the other shoe falling.   Someday a new mom will read this book and feel bolstered that there is hope.  I should know, I wrote the book! 

Thank you!
Amanda Rose Adams

PS: Tell ten friends, we're going viral like chicken pox!

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  1. Go Amanda!!

    Well done for getting even this far.....

    Bring it on!

    Sue Grau