Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Informed Consent, A Memoir of Hope

I am writing/have written a book. Wow! That was WAY more work than I realized it would be. I started back in January putting it down on the old Mac Book when I could squirrel away time. Sometimes, in the harder parts, time took me out of bed to put down memories I had left behind at the Ronald McDonald Houses, the hospital rooms, the difficult car rides with an empty backseat.

But now, I've done it - well, almost done it. The revisions are tough and taxing. The holes seem gaping at times, but I have more done than undone.  I wrote a book - wow!

Once I've really, really finished it - polished, shiny, and worthy of the people who make appearances in the pages, then the really hard work - the "find an agent," work starts. Fortunately with ten years of technical writing experience under my belt, I have a thick skin.  I welcome rejection - bring it on! Give me your worst! I've survived twelve visits to the alter of Abraham with my child's tiny body and signed away his life just to save it - I can handle a dismissive form letter or a hundred.

My aim is true, my book is on its way to being really good, and someday some one will buy it and read it on a Kindle or an airplane or a toilet - or all of thee above to the annoyance of many overly hydrated passengers!

Hey, just because it's serious subject matter doesn't mean I can't be funny, and nothing's funnier than toilet humor - right? Nah, but nothing's easier, and I've not had a lot of easy, so I'll take it where I can get it.  You take it easy too and come back to follow my book as it matures from words on a Mac Book to words in a real book!

(((Heart Hugs)))