Monday, December 6, 2010

Close Encoutereds of the Third Kind

Yes that misspelling in the title was intentional.  Last night I read an old draft of what I thought might be a good potential query letter for my book and realized that I used the word "encounter" in some form at least three times in the same letter. . . verb abuse!  Sure, encounter is a nice word, but come on, three times in one letter.  Three times in a Scrabble game would be amazing, three times in four paragraphs is very bad.

This was a good lesson to me that putting my writing away for a while before reviewing it again is the right approach.  It also reinforced how much I have to learn and how lucky I am for the Internet.  I'm finding all kinds of good advice out there to improve my writing.  Always room for improvement! 

Back to work!

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