Monday, December 27, 2010

Cautious Optimism

As the mother of a child who's nearly died twice and continues to live on with only half a heart and a lot of innovating artificial plumbing, I consider myself a master of cautious optimism.  So, with that sentiment, I am cautious but excited to share that an agent (one of many I've queried and dozens who've rejected my query) finally asked to see more.  Yay, but shhhh . . . this optimism is cautious.

Anyway, please send me good karma! I've sent of the materials and Heaven knows how long this impatient lady is going to have to wait to hear back.  Meantime, for fun, I'll pull up some of my 27 rejection letters for y'all (channeling my forthcoming trip to South Carolina) to peruse.  Many are very kind, most are terse, all are appreciated because many agents don't respond at all, ever.

Eh, well, it's a process and a journey, and Lord knows I've traversed more treacherous terrain over these past eight years.  Eight years on the 30th - that's our D-day, the diagnosis day the world ended and a new one began.  I never get through the 30th without some shadows, but I always find a sliver lining - see cautious optimism.

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