Sunday, March 6, 2011

Move with me

Follow Me . . . Please

Charlie Sheen has a famous father, Adonis in his family tree, a lot of money, goddesses, tiger's blood and a mercury surfboard.  I just have my passion for fighting congenital heart disease, a sense of humor, and a good book.  Charlie Sheen had a million twitter followers in about 15 minutes; I just need 500.  That's my goal.  So, even if you hate Twitter, you can sign up and only follow me! Try it . . .

Go to this address:!/amandaroseadams  and follow me on Twitter.  I know, Twitter seems lame to most of us who remember the 1984 Olympics, and I didn't really want to use it, but I need it.  I need Twitter to get published, and I need you.  There I admit it, now please help me and sign up for twitter and follow me.  You don't have to follow anyone else.  It's painless, I promise.

You're on the old blog, please check out the new blog at this address:
This is the blog for the book.  Search for the words "Follow" and "Subscribe" on the page and follow and subscribe to the blog.  If this scares you, ask a teenager for help.  :)

Here's the deal, I wrote a book.  Several literary agents (more than five but less than twenty) have told me the writing is good and these folks know their writing, but I have to prove that despite the recession and the public's love of all things Sheen and Lohan, that maybe, just maybe there is a market for the story about girl meets boy, falls in love, has baby and battles for his life.

So, please help.  Help me prove that Americans (and my rockin' Aussie, Costa Rican, and EU friends out there)  have more substance that a wild fascination with a substance abuser with tiger's blood.  It's as easy as clicking some links and telling your friends.

Pass it on! Tell your friends! Help me make this more viral than the stomach bug that took down my husband over the weekend and caused Liam to produce a huge bowl of mashed bananas for mommy to dump down the toilet - see my life is not so glamorous, but this book matters because it shines a light on CHD and the fact that normal people can do extraordinary things.

Oh yeah, and post comments!  Show the love, and know I love all my friends and family who've supported us these past eight years. 

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